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Harold Hermann is a 45-year-old Parisian photographer. Influenced by Renaissance cinema and painting, notably Caravaggio, his photos, through chiselled staging, give pride of place to chiaroscuro, the expression of feelings and the beauty of bodies.

After intimate stagings À CORPS ÉCRITS, which were the subject of gallery exhibitions in Arles and Paris in 2020, he presented, in 2021, the large fresco LIBERTÉ EGALITÉ FRATERNITÉ, the culmination of his interest in philosophy and the desire to reconnect with the great stagings of painting. It is in this same vein that he presents, in 2022, the AMOUR series.

Through images, he tell stories. Whether alone or in resonance with others, each photo must capture an intrigue, a problem or an emotion.

The strength of a photo, whether it is staged or taken on the spot; whether it is a portrait, a group scene or a landscape; resides in this capacity of evocation for the viewer.

It is this approach that inspires him during his travels, stagings, in the streets of Paris and even in the operating room.

The photo takes on a whole new dimension when it leaves its digital medium to materialize into a fine art object with a physical presence, a visual, a finish.


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